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The Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Assam, the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary has become a staple for tourists from around the world. It has become a place that is appreciated for the work it has done and is a critically acclaimed location.

It is one of those beautiful sanctuaries that has grown over time and has now become the heart of wildlife efforts in the state. It is one of the most significant parts of Guwahati City and is loved by the masses in the region.

Here is more on the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary and what makes it unique.

It was declared an official wildlife sanctuary in 2004 by the state government in Assam. It sits on the East side of Assam and has found a little place to its own that is spread across beautiful 78+ square kilometres according to recent measurements.

It is a location that has been seasoned and maintained over the years with meticulous attention to detail. It has a lot to do with the locals and their desire to support the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary for all that it has to offer.

The government is passionate about the area because it brings in tourists from around the nation. It is well-kept and has made itself one of the best sanctuaries on the planet because of how in tune with the wildlife it is. Since it is located close to the local railway station (15 KMs away), it is easy to come in from various parts of the region and make a quick visit. It makes it an appealing tourist spot and one that is only getting larger with time due to its appealing setup.


The sanctuary is unique because of its wildlife.

The animals on the premises are some of the most endangered and rare species on the planet. These animals range in variety, and that is why people come into the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary on a regular basis.

These animals include:

1) Tree Yellow Butterflies
2) Pythons
3) Wild Pig
4) Flying Fox
5) Chinese Pangolin
6) Monitor Lizard
7) Indian Cobra
8) Slender-Billed Vulture
9) Barking Deer
10) Hoolock Gibbon
11) Leopard Cat
12) Gaur
13) Slow Loris
14) Jungle Cats
15) And More!

The amount of species that are on the premises is what brings in people and is something that has earned it a lot of praise. It is continually growing because of the knowledgeable caretakers who are present.

Best Time To Visit

Want to visit the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary?

Look to come in the colder months as it can become a pleasing experience if you do so. It means coming in during October all the way to April. These are the months that are going to offer the most in terms of what you get to see and how you get to see it.

The Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary is a charming location at all times of the year, but you are going to enjoy it between October and April the most according to locals.

Where To Stay

For those who are going to make this a little vacation and might be coming in from other countries, it is best to look at finding a safe place of residence in the beautiful state of Assam.

There are multiple areas that are nearby and great to stay at for those who want to relax while visiting the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary.

The best place to stay would be the beautiful Brahmaputra Jungle Resort as it is a renowned tourist spot and is as comfortable as they come. It is close to the sanctuary making it easy to get to the location as soon as you want to.


Want to speak to someone at the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary?
Whether it is to make a donation, learn about the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, or get a look at what the location is all about, it’s a simple phone call away.

You can reach the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary at +91-361-2656771. Also, you can go to a website for the same purpose.

Give the sanctuary a quick call and let them know what is on your mind. It is a welcomed location in Guwahati and a diamond in the rough.

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